Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KDE4 How-to Create Application Launcher on KDE Main Menu

The Guide Show Simply & Visually Step-by-Step How-to Create an Application Launcher in Linux KDE4 Desktop.

After to Make a KDE Desktop Launcher from the Menu Launcher will be As Easy As Dragging and Dropping the Launcher from Menu to Desktop :)

The Same Process is Valid on All Distros Shipping the KDE 4 Desktop Environment.

The Post Contains All the Screenshots of the Entire Process.

  1. Right Click on KickOff >> Edit Applications
    KDE 4 Edit Main Menu
  2. Select the Launcher Category and Make a New Item
    KDE 4 Menu New Item
  3. Set New App Launcher Name
    KDE 4 Menu New Item Set Name
  4. Click Top-Right on Icon Space and Select the App Launcher Icon
    KDE 4 Menu New Item Select Icon

    Now if you Do Not Find Icon Look:

    Linux How-to Locate File/Icons
  5. Fill-In Launcher Data and Save
    KDE 4 Menu New Item Fill-In Data
  6. New App Launcher on KDE4 Main Menu
    KDE 4 Menu New Item Select Icon
  7. Get Installed Google-Chrome Browser for Linux:

    Install Google-Chrome for Linux

The Video about How-to Create a KDE Desktop Launcher is on Youtube at: Youtube Visual Guide on Create KDE4 Desktop Launcher

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